Investment Opportunities

Phuket Real Estate offers Phuket's most comprehensive listing of investment properties and opportunities for discerning buyers from all over the world.

Tourism Driven Growth and Demand

There has never been a better time to invest in Phuket real estate ranging from villas, townhouses, or condos, and apartments, even land than now. Phuket has seen visitor increases of over 8% every year for the last ten years, making it one of Thailand's most visited locations. Phuket land prices have proven to be resilient despite the global economic slowdown. Investment opportunities abound on this tropical island paradise. And Phuket Real Estate is proud to feature some of the best properties on the island for your consideration.

Financial Rewards in Paradise

Capital yields and appreciation in tropical paradise can be a reality. Depending on your financial goals, investing in Phuket properties can be a financially rewarding experience. Lots of holiday villas come with a rental pool programme offering a fixed 6%-8% annual yield which can be very attractive to many buyers who are only on the island for a few months a year. Net yields vary from 3% - 5% after taking into account management fees and other maintenance costs which can appeal to buyers from countries with low interest rates environments.

Capital Appreciation is a Reality

Land prices have gone up exponentially in the last few years, affording many property owners plenty of room for capital appreciation. This is further bolstered by the rise of the Thai baht against the Euro, Pound, and US Dollar which give buyers who had bought in a few years ago further gains in currency play.

Available Credit for Foreigners

Further to the points above, plenty of villa developments these days come with seller-financing to help foreigners circumvent high interest rates offered by local banks and strict regulations governing loan applications for foreigners.

When you buy a villa with seller-financing and put it in a rental pool offering a 3% - 5% annual yield, you can own your villa in paradise with minimal output and maximum long-term benefits.

Finance A Development – An Alternative Investment with Very Attractive Yields

An interesting way of play in the Phuket real estate market is to finance a development. Entry level financing for some developments around the island starts at an incredible €20,000. With annual yields up to 30% and guaranteed returns of 10%, without you actually having to deal with the maintenance of the property, investing in a property development is a great hassle-free way of growing your capital. For more information on the available developments to invest in,
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